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For 20 years we carry out digital communication projects together with major companies that are consistent with the values and identity of the brand. We promote the digital transformation of institutional organizations that believe in the potential of the web. 

We are passionate about communication and technology, being ahead of the time, envisioning the most interesting digital innovation, transforming them into innovative solutions, quick to implement, easy to use, reliable and flexible.

We offer technology solutions, consulting services and training to help clients create custom- made web marketing and online business projects to ensure their strong web presence and generate value.

Over the years we’ve developed hundreds of successful initiatives for some of the largest Italian and international companies, such as Sap, Roche, Microsoft, Benetton, Honeywell, Bocconi,  the European Commission, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Expo 2015, to name a few.

Broad collaborative initiatives with a number of medium-sized enterprises are being performed as well.

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Img Internet srl
Img Internet srl
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